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Flavouring alcohol with local herbs has a very long tradition. These drinks were not only prepared for pleasure but also for health reasons. The people in Limburg were bound to process the different heath herbs and flowers into such liqueurs. The recipe of the ‘Heeborrel’ from Distillery Massy goes back to the old recipe ‘Nectar de bruyère’ from 1878. The tangy taste of heath herbs is softened by sugar and heather honey. The result is a gold yellow liqueur of 38°vol%



Herkenrode Abbey beer

Herkenrode Cister Blond (6,5% vol.)

Brewed with malts of double-row summer barley and hopped with 100% Saaz-Saaz hops. The refined abbey beer referments in the bottle and is available in the bottle or barrel.
The name Cister refers to the Cistercian monastic order, which was joined by the Abbey of Herkenrode in 1217 as the first women's abbey of the Netherlands.

Herkenrode Vesper Tripel (9,0% vol.)
A luxury beer that is characterised by its full flavour and deep gold colour. English hops give this strong abbey beer a very specific aroma. The name Vesper alludes to the evening prayer, which takes place just before sunset. For the time being, this Tripel is only available in a bottle, admittedly with a luxury glass, because such a graceful beer requires drinking from a special glass.

Herkenrode Noctis Bruin (7,0% vol.)
Brewed with Munich malt of summer barley and hopped with an English aroma hop, this beer not only received two gold medals on the Monde Selection. In 2016, this brown abbey beer was also nominated as the best Belgian dark beer at the World Beer Awards in 2016, and in 2017, it won a bronze medal at the AIBA Australian International Beer Awards. This internationally acclaimed beer was given the name Noctis, which is Latin for night and a reference to the dark colour of the beer. You can get Noctis in a bottle and barrel.





ARVUM is a surprisingly blond beer of 6% alc. vol. with a slightly sweet touch. However, it is mainly the bitterness that prevails in this beer. Some of the barley originates from Herkenrode and the surrounding area.



Ter Dolen

Ter Dolen Blond (6,1% vol.)

The first Limburg Abbey beer was created on Ter Dolen in 1994. Brewed with two types of malt and two superior hops, and refermented in the bottle, the beer has a full, soft taste, and is a good thirst-quencher. In 2010, it was voted as the Belgium’s third best abbey beer in ‘De Standaard’ newspaper.

Ter Dolen donker (7,1 % vol.)

Dark high-fermentation abbey beer, brewed with three types of malt and two hops. The beer, refermented in the bottle, is quite fruity with a biscuit cake flavour and light traces of caramel. Chosen as the best Flemish Recognised Dark Abbey Beer and awarded the bronze medal in the Brussels Beer Challenge.

Ter Dolen Kriek (4,5% vol.)
Unfiltered, high-fermentation beer with fresh cherry juice made from one malt and wheat and two hops. With a finishing touch of herbs, including coriander and orange zest, it is a sweet fruit beer with a tangy lemon touch without denying the real beer taste.

Ter Dolen Tripel (8,1% vol.)
A real fully-fledged malt triple, copper-blonde in colour, brewed with two kinds of malt and two kinds of hops. By using only grain when brewing, the softness is further enhanced, giving this beer a full flavour. This unique tripel is refermented in the bottle.

Armand Ter Dolen (7% vol.)
A fruity blond beer with an explosion of citrus, a result of dry-hopping with the American hop variety Cascade. This beer is not filtered in order to preserve as many hop aromas as possible. It is slightly cloudy and has a snow-white head. Awarded gold medal at the first international Belgian beer competition Brussels Beer Challenge, this beer was designed in honour of the co-founder "Armand Desplenter".

Ter Dolen Winter (9,1% vol.)
Ter Dolen Winter is the creation of our master-brewer Hendrick. As a winter beer, Hendrick chose to brew a dark beer with a deep red appearance to which he added not only three varieties of malt and two varieties of hops, but also local honey and cinnamon.



RGLR (3,5% vol.)
A light beer, to be served during lunch and receptions. A low alcohol thirst-quencher. Unique thanks to the fact that the same three organic hops that are also found in our other beers are consistently used.

BRWN (7% Vol.)

A creamy brown beer that will bring solace in dark days. Unique because this beer is only made from special malts without Pilsner malt.

TRPL (8% vol.)
This tripel was the first brewing attempt of Jessenhofke and was immediately voted best Limburg amateur brew in 2002. It has a harmonious taste and fragrance in which a dry-mouth sensation, bitterness, spiciness and sweetness are in perfect harmony.

MAYA (6% vol.)
The Hasselt seitan company Maya and brewery Jessenhofke joined forces for this experiment. The barley was partly replaced by the seitan producer’s starchy residual product. The result is a light-blond sparkling beer with a sweet-sour touch despite its high bitterness.

PMPRNL (8% vol.)
Jessenhofke added extra herbs from Sanguisorba to his triple and brewed a beer that will give you the courage and strength to show your love in all its beauty. A blond beer with a slightly red hue, and citrus and earth aromas that fade in favour of long-lasting dry bitterness.

RSRV (10% vol.)
Café Grendelpoort in Valkenburg had the dream to serve a sturdy quadruple of 10% as a Christmas beer. We have permanently included this beer in our range and recommend that it be matured for at least one year so that its flavour can be fully appreciated.

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Lavender Liqueur

In The Lavender Farm you will find all kinds of lavender products, including lavender pralines, liqueur and even lavendelgin.